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Veet fast acting gel comes in a pack of two and is designed to remove fine to coarse body hair in as little as twenty minutes, but if you’ve ever tried Veet before then chances are you’re a little skeptical regarding how effective this product really is.

Some hair removal creams and gels have received a bad rap over the years, but with this new improved formula, you’ll give Veet another try and you won’t be disappointed in the results.

So, let’s learn what women had to say about this popular lower priced hair removal system by Veet.

Veet Hair Remover Fast-Acting Formula Assessment

Veet is a company that’s been producing hair removal creams for several years but many women tend to steer clear of it, not only because it doesn’t seem to work very well, but also because it features a very strong specific smell that’s described as intense and comparable to sulfur.

Whether or not this cream works for you will heavily depend on your hair type. In fact, it’s pretty common for women with lighter hair to rave about how effective and affordable Veet is, while brunettes don’t have such luck.

For women with darker hair, you’ll notice that the cream does remove SOME of the hair, but it does so in random patches, requiring you to follow up with shaving. Sound like too much work? It is. The gel should be applied to clean, wet skin and left in place for ten minutes and only ten minutes.

Many women will do a test patch after the ten minutes is up and realize that the cream has not removed all of the hair, so they decide to leave it on for five or ten minutes longer. However, this is a big mistake. If you leave the gel on for a longer than directed, you’ll be left with red and irritated skin and a very itchy rash.

Ultimately, after you’ve used it a couple of times you’ll get to know how your skin handles it and how long you should leave it on for. Some women reported the need to reapply the gel the next day in order to get rid of patches that were missed. But overall, most women were pretty satisfied with the results, and let’s face it, it’s definitely a more affordable option than waxing.

We Tried Veet and Here’s What we Found

Since Veet has been around for years, it’s a product most of us have tried at one point or another, but usually, the thick messy cream and the harsh smell was enough to turn most women off from ever using it again.

But this new gel version offers the same effectiveness as the classic cream formula and without the harsh smell or mess to deal with afterward. The large bottle can last you well over a year, which is pretty amazing.

Despite our initial reservations about giving Veet another shot, we decided the low price and overall value was worth a second look.

  • First, you’ll need to really coat your legs with the gel, making sure to rub it in against the hair growth.
  • Usually, it will take about eight minutes before you really notice an effect.
  • If you haven’t used it in a while, it can take up to ten minutes to get the desired result, and at times, we found that we needed to reapply for a second go at it.
  • When you wash it off during a shower, a shower mitt will really help when it comes to getting rid of as many pesky hairs as possible and it also works to exfoliate as you go.
  • If there are any stray hairs left over, these tend to fall out over the next twelve hours or so.

We actually really loved this product. After trying a number of products over the years, it’s nice to find one that not only works, but it’s also priced affordably.

Quick Tip: Ladies, if you’re too terrified to get a wax, and for you, shaving often results in too many ingrown hairs, give this hair removal gel a try instead. It’s an easy, low-maintenance process and it always results in a smooth silky finish.

Hair Removal Cream by Veet Pros and Cons

Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Remover Pump Pros: This hair removal gel is priced affordably and provides results that last up to two weeks. Ideal for women with fine, fair hair. This is sold as a two pack, so if this product works for you, you’ll end up saving some serious cash as most women reported that a bottle lasts about for several months.

How long a bottle will last you will depend on how quickly your hair grows back in and the size of the treated areas, but the fact that just one of these bottles can last up to a year is a huge selling point for any woman on a tight budget.

Cons: The biggest complaint from women who have tried this product was the smell. It’s a strong smell that can take three to five hours to get rid of. However, if you shower immediately after treatment the smell is much less intense. This product simply doesn’t work on coarse or dark hair. You can repeat the process the next day for better results, but if you have very sensitive skin, you’ll be better off shaving any stray hairs in order to avoid irritation.

Quick Tip: If you have darker or coarser hair and didn’t have much luck with Veet, take a look at the Coochy Plus intimate hair removal system, which is said to instantly remove all types of hair like a champ.

Veet for Affordable Hair Removal Conclusion and Rating

Love it or leave it, the Veet fast acting gel hair remover can be the perfect option for the woman on a tight budget. It works well on most skin types and also leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother for longer, especially when compared to shaving.

While it may not be the perfect choice for brunettes, blonds gave Veet Fast Acting Gel Hair Remover Pump a high score of four stars out of five stars, for effectiveness and pricing.

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